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Learn on the Fly! is a young company with several years' expertise in the international and multicultural context. This internship and study trip agency focuses on students, companies and organisations in the agriculture and horticulture sectors, with the goal of connecting people and knowledge to further their educational goals. We use international experience to offer both an expanding of horizons and encourage a deeper engagement in the world. 


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Connecting people and knowledge across the globe!

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The Learning Zone

What is your challenge? What’s your next adventure? What do you want to discover or how will you continue to grow? At Learn on the Fly! we like to challenge people. We do this by going on a study trip together, or finding and supervising an internship to get you out of the comfort zone. By gaining new international knowledge, one grows enormously as a person and professional. During a study trip, the theoretical is linked to the practical by using an inspiring program of activities interspersed with hands-on workshops. Even more important are the teaching methods that are used to help one learn, develop, grow and engage in self-reflection. Many previous participants have steadily developed their intercultural and transcultural skills, and through their own personal growth they are now able to share knowledge and connect as a professional in a sustainable way. To be a world citizen you need these skills! Whether you are a student, teacher or from the business world: sustainable growth and development is important!

What about a internship in Qatar?

How do you develop, train and coach?

The above can be explained on the basis of the Learning Zone model from Senninger. In this model, a distinction is made between the COMFORT ZONE, the LEARNING ZONE, and the PANIC ZONE.


The Comfort Zone is important. This is everything that makes us feel safe. Think of a house, family, friends, school and hobbies. Imagine: you come home from a long day at work and you want nothing more than to sit on your own couch, in the living room that is familiar, food from the fridge that you are used to and then go into your own bed. And do we leave on holiday or on a weekend? Then we prefer to choose a place that seems familiar to us. Into that comfort zone we always return, to reflect and put everything back in perspective. In that safe zone you know who you are, what you can do and have confidence in yourself.


The Learning Zone is just outside the Comfort Zone. This zone is extremely important. This is where we grow, learn, can be curious and challenged to do things that you normally do not do so quickly. Explore boundaries! Experiment! But you know that you always can return to your Comfort Zone where everything is safe.


The Panic Zone is outside the Learning Zone. You cannot learn anymore in the Panic Zone. You are blocked by fear, insecurity and tension. It is better not to end up in this zone! 


We will at all times try avoid a participant entering the Panic Zone. Learn on the Fly! therefore only uses teachers, supervisors and coaches with a completed pedagogical-didactical certificate or a teacher training.

The Learning Zone model from Senninger.
The Learning Zone model from Senninger.

Success factor Learn on the Fly!

We challenge participants to look beyond the grass in the backyard, the classroom with four walls or the book you read. Explore your limits! An experience abroad is important for us as people and professionals. Get out of that comfort zone and take on that challenge! Learn on the Fly! operates in the Learning Zone, and in this way distinguishes itself from other internship and study trip agencies. By searching personal and professional goals together with participants in a study trip or an internship, we make a trip abroad an unforgettable learning and life experience.


Our mission:


Connecting people and knowledge across the world!

What°s your next adventure?

Workshop ELPO Hoofmapping with the Dutch farrier Theo Flonk.
Workshop ELPO Hoofmapping with the Dutch farrier Theo Flonk.

Only learning in the Learning Zone?

No, in order to learn and develop sustainably, it is important to occasionally return to the Comfort Zone. According to Senninger you learn best when you regularly alternate between the Comfort Zone and the Learning Zone. By making use of reflection and moments of rest, we give participants the opportunity to reflect, put things back in perspective and gain energy.

Learn on the Fly!'s Network

What knowledge and experience do you want to gain? Is your company up-to-date with the latest developments? Or are you, as a student, looking for a dream internship but it seems impossible to find? Learn on the Fly! has a large network and is looking forward to helping you!


With the Learn on the Fly team of experts we are happy the show you the following study trips:


  • Study trip The Crufts, Birmingham, GB, March 2018. The Largest Dog Show in the World!
  • Study trip to Sweden, March 2018
  • Study trip to Colorado, U.S.A. May 2018
  • Study trip The Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2018. Europe Largest Livestock Show!
  • Study trip Qatar, December 2018. Ready for Qatar National Day?


Are you ready for Qatar National Day 2018?
Are you ready for Qatar National Day 2018?



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