From an highshool to a university internship? We guarantee the best international internships for every student from the agricultural sector and educational programs.

Gaining international competencies

Learn on the Fly! does more than just organise study trips. Have you always dreamed of an internship abroad? But maybe you have no idea how it works with a plane ticket, visa, accommodation or insurance? Or perhaps a foreign internship is mandatory by your educational institute and do you not dare (only) take the step? We are happy to help you!

"Learn on the Fly" has a large network and together with our team of experts we look at the possibilities for an internship abroad. From business just across the border to a great experience in America? Nothing is too crazy for us! We provide a tailor-made internship. Our team has years of experience abroad when it comes to internship guidance. How else can we better guide you in finding the best internship, tailored to your needs?


From an high school to a university internship? We guarantee the best international internships for every student from the green sector and educational programs.


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How does it work?

1. The introductory meeting. What's your next adventure?

Together with one of our experts we want to know everything about your dreams and wishes during the first introductory meeting. What is your work experience and what do you want to develop further? Or do you just want an internship that provides new motivation and inspiration to complete your training? We understand the latter very well and as motivators we ensure that you get that boost again!


2. The registration

After the introductory meeting, we record all information in our database. We ask you to deliver a CV (preferably in English). We would also like to receive the requirements for the internship, which you can request from your mentor or internship coordinator. Not unimportant is the date for which the internship must be arranged? Once we have all the necessary documents in our possession, we will contact you again!


3. The search

The search follows after the registration. We start this search after a down payment of €125.00. Our team of experts then goes in search of the best internship abroad. You will receive a suitable internship offer from us within 4 weeks.


4. The application procedure

Internship company found? In Step 4 we plan a meeting with you and the internship company. This can be done via Skype, FaceTime or by phone. We understand only too well that a first conversation is exciting, especially if it is in a different language. That is why we give you tips and advice in advance and we guarantee to back you up during the conversation. An introduction between the company and the potential candidate is very important! We would like you to experience an unforgettable (positive) experience abroad. After the introductory meeting, the company will let us know if you are accepted or not.

Is there no ‘click’ after the first time? We offer you a maximum of 3 tries for an internship. If we cannot offer you a suitable internship in the period we have agreed, you will receive the down payment back (excluding the registration and administration/office costs € 75.00).


5. Drafting the internship agreement and setting the goals

If there is a ‘click’ with the company, we will draw up the internship agreement. This contains agreements such as the starting date of the internship, the location, the duration, the activities and hours per day, at which moments an evaluation takes place and which assignments you have to carry out at the internship company. Taking into account your personal goals is central during this period.


6. Are you ready?

We ensure that you leave with a healthy excitement! From the flight ticket to accommodation, insurance the visa, our team ensures that you are well prepared for travel. We also guarantee you during your internship that our emergency number can be reached 24/7 in the event of calamities and/or problems that may occur during the trip.

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